WOOCS 2.1.9

400mW AM Transmitter Module (AM-TXHP-433)

$24.75 USD

The AM-TXHP-433 RF transmitter module features high output power and low spurious emissions. 433.92MHz operation.

The AM-TXHP-433 transmitter module features high RF output power with low spurious emissions. This high stability SAW based wireless transmitter module is 12V DC powered and accepts standard 5V logic level data to modulate. It employs power saving OOK modulation and is compatible with your choice of our 433.92 MHz AM receiver modules.

  • Our longest range 433.92 MHz OOK transmitter module
  • 400mW – 600mW RF output power
  • 12V DC to 15V DC operation
  • Modulation frequency (data rate): Up to 4KHz, 5V logic level data
  • Zero current consumption with logic 0 data input
  • Small Dimensions: 38mm x 16mm x 4mm
  • Compatible with our 433.92 MHz AM receiver modules

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