WOOCS 2.1.9

Wi-Fi Module for EM1000 (GA1000)

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The GA1000 is a Wi-Fi expansion module for the powerful EM1000 BASIC-programmable embedded module.

The GA1000 Wi-Fi transceiver module piggy-backs on top of the EM1000 and communicates with the EM1000 via a high-speed SPI interface. The GA1000 includes an integrated chip antenna. Optional external antenna can also be connected for increased range.

The GA1000 is fully supported in the Tibbo BASIC programming environment via a sophisticated Wi-Fi (wln.) object available on the EM1000W platform.

  • Implements 802.11b interface
  • Designed for the EM1000 BASIC-programmable embedded module
  • Compact size: 37mm x 25mm x 6mm
  • On-board chip antenna
  • I-PEX coaxial connector for external antenna connection
  • Optional external antenna and antenna cable (see order option below)
  • Power status LED
  • Internal power switch for complete power-down
  • May be populated on top of the EM1000 via the 10 pin expansion port
  • May be populated directly on the host PCB
  • Fully supported by the Wi-Fi (win.) object of the EM1000W programming platform

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