WOOCS 2.1.9

RF Wireless I/O Extender: 4mW (16IO-SSRT-09LP)

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The 16IO-SSRT-09LP spread spectrum RF transceiver modules provide a wireless extension of an external device’s discrete digital output states and/or ON/OFF states. The state of the 16IO-SSRT-09’s eight inputs at the local end of the link will be replicated at the corresponding outputs of the remote 16IO-SSRT-09LP, at distances of up to 1000 feet apart!. With bi-directional communications, the converse is also achieved, where the input states of the remote 16IO-SSRT-09LP module will be replicated at the corresponding outputs at the local 16IO-SSRT-09LP. The 16IO-SSRT-09LP is commonly used for wireless extension of PLC I/O’s and has found widespread application in remote fluid level monitoring and pump control. Typical applications include wireless irrigation systems, oil and water tank monitoring and pump control, farming control and monitoring systems and wireless industrial control automation.

  • Extends the state of its 8 inputs as outputs at a remote location, and vice versa
  • Features 8 discrete digital inputs, 8 discrete digital outputs and 8 open collector outputs
  • Outputs may be configured to be true or inverted
  • Output Status LED’s, Power and RF communications LED’s
  • Self supervising RF link with user configurable timeout function
  • Alarm relay output upon RF link failure at timeout
  • Excellent noise immunity
  • 902 MHz-928 MHz Spread Spectrum architecture
  • Range of up to 1000 ft
  • Multiple pairs may be deployed within radio range of one another
  • Simple to interface to PLC’s and external devices
  • Ideal for long range standalone RF remote control and RF remote monitoring system
  • Popular for remote tank level monitoring and remote pump switching
  • Adding a 16IO-SSRT-09LPM monitor module enables passive monitoring of the system from a third location or from multiple locations
  • Also available in higher power long range and 1 Watt version
  • 7.5Vdc-24Vdc operation

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