WOOCS 2.1.9

SSRT I/O *Monitor*: 4mW (16IO-SSRT-09LPM)

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This is an optional system add-on module for applications that require passive remote monitoring of the 16IO-SSRT-09LP wireless I/O extension system. The 16IO-SSRT-09M, in appearance, is identical to the 16IO-SSRT-09LP modules, but runs a special firmware revision. The module functions as a receiver only and is user configured to monitor the I/O states of the system’s master unit or the slave unit. In either master or slave monitoring mode, the 16IO-SSRT-09M will reproduce (as outputs) the state of the inputs of the master or slave 16IO-SSRT-09LP transceivers. The 16IO-SSRT-09M is typically used at a third remote location to passively monitor the state of either the master or slave 16IO-SSRT-09LP input or output conditions.

  • Expansion module for multipoint monitoring of the 16IO-SSRT-09 wireless IO extender modules
  • Identical to the 16IO-SSRT-09 I/O extender modules but configured as monitor-only nodes
  • Features 8 discrete digital outputs and 8 open collector outputs. Inputs and TX functions are disabled
  • User configurable to monitor either the 16IO-SSRT-09 master unit or slave unit
  • Output states may be configured to be true or inverted
  • Output Status LED’s, Power and RF communications LED’s
  • Self supervising RF link with user configurable timeout function
  • Alarm relay output upon RF link failure at timeout
  • Excellent noise immunity
  • 902 MHZ-928 MHz Spread Spectrum FM architecture
  • Range of up 1000 ft
  • Simple to interface to PLC’s and other hardware devices
  • Ideal for long range standalone RF remote monitoring system
  • 7.5VDC – 24VDC operation

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