ABACOM Technologies, Inc. supply an extensive range of RF modules and associated electronic component parts, embedded controllers and ethernet modules, and are proud to have served the electronics design industry, educational institutions, electronics engineering students and electronics hobbyists since 1995.

“Since 1995, our customers have enjoyed the benefits of integrating our RF modules, RF remote control subassemblies, ethernet modules and embedded controllers into their application designs. Our customers have recognized the considerable savings that are made in time and development costs, and continue to benefit from the simplification of their designs through the integration of ABACOM’s devices. With our ongoing additions of cutting edge electronic parts and embedded devices we remain focused on providing modular integration solutions to expedite our customers design time to market”

John Barclay, President

In addition to our own line of in-house designed electronic devices, we are official distributors for Aurel Wireless and Tibbo Technologies.

Custom Design Services

ABACOM’s design and consulting services are available to customers who wish to capitalize on the experience and expertise of our accomplished engineering team. Please contact us to discuss your design requirement. We are confident in providing solutions.

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