18 Channel RF Remote Control Transmitter (18CHTX)


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The 18CHTX wireless (AM or FM) RF remote control transmitter features18 screw terminal inputs for connection to external dry contact switches or external control logic. Up to 256 unique DIP switch configurable address settings allow for multiple units to operate within the same environment. All the necessary coding required for reliable operation with the companion RF remote control receivers is implemented by the on-board microcontroller. The 18CHTX is companion to the 10R8D receiver, and is also compatible with the 16CHRX receiver, the SRX series 1,2,3 and 4 channel remote control receivers. When used together with the compatible receiver boards, up to eighteen independent remote control operations may be performed.

  • 6-12Vdc operation
  • Ultra low standby current (14 uA)
  • Ideal for battery powered applications
  • 18 external switch (dry contact) inputs
  • 256 unique address combinations
  • 433.92 MHz AM or FM versions
  • 868MHz FM versions
  • Crystal controlled frequency stability (FM versions)
  • SAW controlled stability (AM version)
  • 2X 10 Phoenix screw terminal inputs for external switch hookup
  • Compatible with 10R8D, 16CHRX and 1,2,3,4CH-SRX wireless remote control receivers
  • Compatible with the 8x2CHRX 16 relay remote control receiver
  • Typical range up to 500ft (FM versions): 300ft (AM versions)
  • RPSMA antenna connector (compatible with our RPSMA series antenna)
  • PCB size: 45.78mm(1.8in.) x 88.9mm (3.5in.)

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