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32 I/O Embedded Webserver (32IOSERVER)

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The 32ioSERVER is a web browseraccessable I/O server designed around the EM1000 programmable embedded controller. The 32 I/O Server enablesinternet (WAN) or intranet (LAN) remote monitoring and control of up to 32 external devices connected directly, or wirelessly, toitsfour I/O ports.The 32ioSERVER is ideal for industrial, commercial and residential remote monitoring and control applications. A wide variety of monitoring and control functions are easilyperformed using the collection of compatible I/O accessory modules.

  • Control and Monitor up to 32 devices remotely over the internet viayour web browser
  • 4x I/O ports acceptourbroad range of plug-in compatible I/O modules
  • 8x (3V logic level)I/O lines perport
  • 2 auxilliary (alarm) inputs
  • Automatically sendsemail notificationof alarm input andalarm reset events
  • DHCPclient mode for automatic IP address configuration
  • Supports user configurable IP address and email notification addresses
  • Wide external power supply range: 8Vdc-12Vdc
  • Includes 12Vdc, 500mA switching power supply
  • On-board high currentDC/DC convertersupplies up to 2Ato the port powered loads
  • Includespower supply outputconnector for powering externalI/Omodules
  • RJ45 Ethernet port for LAN or WAN connection
  • Network connection status/activity LED’s
  • RS-232 port for serial hostcommunication
  • Full user I/O control andserver configuration via simple integrated website
  • Fully customizableand programmable in BASIC with free IDE tools
  • Customization design service available for user specific requirements
  • PCB dimensions: 4.17in.(106mm) x 2.68in.(68mm)
  • Packaged version available, housed in a stylish black ABS enclosure with graphic overlay

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