Circuit Wiring Pen (YR-Pen)


A very useful tool for point-to-point wiring of circuit board prototypes

The YR-Pen makes point-to-point wiring of circuit board prototypes a ‘breeze’. The circuit wiring pen uses enameled copper wire, aka magnet wire, which is perfect for point to point circuit wiring thanks to it’s minimized cross sectional dimension, its easy routability, and is quick and easy to strip.

Unlike traditional  wire insulation  stripping methods, the enamel insulation coating is simply stripped away (vaporized) by heat from the soldering iron tip. This stripping method is fast and much less cumbersome than traditional insulation stripping methods. An added benefit is that it also makes it really easy to strip short wire lengths which is near impossible to do using traditional stripping methods since the only area taken to strip the wire is the space taken up by the soldering iron tip.

  • Best tool for Point-to-Point circuit wiring and prototyping
  • Simple and fast wire insulation stripping
  • Effective in tight spaces
  • Quick and easy to solder and to route
  • Lightweight and foam cushioned for comfort
  • Swappable 21 gauge tip (included) for using other wire gauges
  • 30AWG magnet wire spool (included)
  • Reloadable spool