WOOCS 2.1.9

Flexible 1/4 Wave Antenna (1/4-STD)

$14.00 USD


The 1/4-STD quarter wave UHF whip antenna is designed for panel mounting and is supplied complete with RG174U 50 ohm coaxial cable, fastening hardware and a 1/4 wave ground radial lead (red wire). The diameter of the threaded mounting stud is 5.93mm with a length of 7mm; the nut dimension is 11.36mm (W) x 4.06mm (H). The ground radial lead acts as a ground counterpoise for the antenna to radiate against. Using the ground radial is optional but may improve antenna performance depending on the characteristics of the circuits ground plane. The center conductor of the RG174U coax cable connects to the antenna pin of the RF module and the shield conductor connects to the ground pin of the RF module.

  • Flexible 1/4 wave antenna
  • Threaded bulkhead panel mount
  • Includes ground radial lead and antenna mounting hardware
  • 6″ RG174U coaxial cable feed
  • Available on 433MHz, 868MHz and 915MHz