Manual SMT Pick and Place Machine (ezPick)


ezPick SMT Pick and Place..A Great Product..

The innovative, patent pending, ezPick benchtop SMT Pick and Place Machine provides an elegant, low cost and highly efficient solution to overcome the difficulties of manual SMT prototyping and small batch SMT printed circuit board assembly.

The ezPick system features the magical combinations of multi-axis-multi-direction motion, high quality foot switch controlled vacuum pump, agile finger controlled pickup head and gliding X and Y axis operator hand rest. Together, these features assist the operator in assembling SMT circuit boards with fine precision, speed and with maximum comfort!


  • 12V DC, foot switch controlled, Scientific Grade diaphragm vacuum pump
  • ON/OFF (Pick/Place) Vacuum control via Foot Switch
  • Suitable for left handed or right handed users
  • Smooth Ball Bearing slides
  • Includes interchangeable vacuum pickup tips
  • Can handle component size down to 0201 (0.6mm x 0.3mm) using 30 gauge tip
  • Includes North American plug style vacuum pump power supply
  • Includes 20 component storage tins for working with bulk SMD components
  • Includes SMD cut tape feeders for working with cut tape SMD components
  • 360 degree rotating PCB work plate for added flexibility
  • Y axis rolling handrest for comfort and support
  • Spring assisted Z axis pick & place for up, down and center rest positions
  • Multi-axis-Multi-direction motion for rapid pick and place positioning
  • Assembled and fully operational in minutes
  • Small 12″ x 17″ footprint for bench top use
  • Approx. 24″ x 17″ operating footprint
  • PCB assembly size up to 9″ x 9″
  • Ideal for R&D labs, college/university labs and advanced hobby shops
  • Ideal for small batch surface mount SMD PCB assembly and SMT prototyping