Programmable Digital I/O Controller (DS1005)


With eight opto-isolated sensor inputs, six high-power relay outputs, and one simple RS232/485 port, the DS1005 is a great fit for industrial and building automation as well as security, safety, and access control applications.
Unlike many “remote I/O” products, the DS1005’s capabilities are not limited to just relaying I/O data to a central server. Programmability in Tibbo BASIC means you can create systems where intelligent decisions are taken in real-time by the DS1005 itself.
The DS1005 is especially suitable for access control applications:
Four of the eight sensor inputs can be used to handle up to two card readers (two inputs per reader), which leaves four sensor inputs for connecting to a door switch, exit button, etc.

The DS1005 comes preloaded with an open-source application for remote control/monitoring of the device’s inputs and relays through a web-browser or Tibbo’s AggreGate device management system. This application can easily be customized for any functionality desired.


  • Interface sideIB1005 board:
    • 8 opto-isolated sensor inputs, four of which can be used to connect up to two Wiegand or clock/data readers;
    • 6 high-power (10A/30VDC) relays;
    • 1 RS232/485 port;
    • 8 status LEDs.
  • Network sideNB1000 board:
    • Based on the EM1000 BASIC-programmable module;
    • 10/100BaseT, auto-MDIX Ethernet port;
    • 1024KB flash for firmware, application, and data storage;
    • 2KB EEPROM for data storage;
    • RTC with backup supercapacitor;
    • Built-in buzzer;
    • 11 status LEDs;
    • Power: 10-18V;
    • Firmware is upgradeable through the serial port or network;
  • Dimensions: 91x104x99mm (excluding secondary cover).
  • Extruded-profile aluminum body.
  • IP68 compliant (when used with secondary cover).
  • Operating temperature -30 to +80 degrees C.
  • CE- and FCC-certified.

Included accessories:
DS1000 waterproof kit with secondary cover, cable glands, screws
DMK1000 DIN rail mounting kit
TB1005 test board
WAS-P0004 serial cable for firmware upgrades

Optional Accessories:
12V/1A power supply adaptor: North Amarica style

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