WOOCS 2.1.9

RF Remote Control Repeater (HT-RPT)

$125.00$165.00 USD


The HT-RPT remote control repeater wireless transceiver module drops in between a remote control transmitter and receiver to extend the range of the RF remote control transmitter and receiver link. Multiple repeaters may be deployed to further extend the range.

  • Range extender for ABACOM RF remote controls
  • Compatible with our FM remote control transmitters and receivers on 433.92MHz
  • Compatible with third party remote controls which are based on the Holtek HT12E encoders and HT12D, HT12F decoders
  • Robust collision avoidance protocol
  • Automatic system address learning function
  • 4 bit data output port for user expansion such as adding relay outputs
  • Prototyping board area for user expansion
  • 7.5-12VDC operation

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