RS-232 RF Receiver (ARX8-9600)


The ARX8-9600 and ATX8-9600 simplex wireless RS-232 modules feature transparent connectivity at 9600bps, 8, N, 1. The RF communications protocol is handled by the on-board microcontroller and error checking is automatically performed at the receiver end, allowing only valid data to be output to the serial port. Communication status LED’s provide visual confirmation of data being transmitted and received. Power is supplied via a 9V battery snap. The ATX8-9600 includes a convenient jumper enabled TEST LINK mode. When in this mode, a preset 8 byte message will continuously be transmitted. Reception is easily verified by the ARX8-9600 receiver’s communication LED. A link test may therefore be performed without connecting the modules to any hosts. The ATX8-9600 transmitter module implements clear to send flow control (CTS) for use in applications that require more than 8 bytes of data is to be transmitted. Using the CTS flow control line, any amount of data may be transmitted.

  • Companion to the ATX8-9600 RS-232 RF transmitter module
  • RS-232 AM RF receiver
  • DPC-9600 decoder on-board
  • Transparent plug and play serial RS232 data receiver
  • Status LED’s
  • DCE configured RS-232 port
  • Low cost excellent performance
  • 7.5Vdc to 15Vdc operation

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