AM RF Transmitter Module (AM-RT4/AM-RT5)


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Differing in package style, AM-RT4 (DIL package) and AM-RT5 (SIL package) AM hybrid transmitter modules provide complete RF transmitters which can be used to transmit data at up to 4 kHz rate from any standard CMOS/TTL host. The modules are very simple to integrate and offer low current consumption (typ. 4 mA on high data bits and 0mA on low data bits). Data can be supplied directly to the data input of the modules from a microcontroller or data encoder

The modules exhibit extremely stable electronic characteristics due to the use of ‘Thick-Film’ hybrid technology. They use no adjustable components resulting very reliable operation. The AM-RT4 and AM-RT5 modules are compatible with all ABACOM Technologies’ range of AM receivers.

  • Compatible with our AM receiver modules
  • Compatible with our AM transceiver modules
  • Pin compatible with RTF FM transmitter modules
  • RT4 version: DIP type footprint for horizontal placement
  • RT5 version: SIP type footprint for vertical placement
  • Wide operating voltage range: 2-14Vdc
  • Available on 315MHz and 433MHz
  • SAW stability

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