WOOCS 2.1.9

19200bps Digital FM RF Transmitter Module (TX-DFM-5V)

$9.50 USD

The TX-DFM-5V Digital FM (2FSK) transmitter module is suitable for use with its companion RX-DFM-5V receiver module and is capable of directly transmitting unencoded RS-232 format UART data, without any external data encoding requirements !. (This is a very unique feature in the embedded RF module world, since typically external data encoding is required for reliable RF data links with most RF modules). In addition, there are no symbol (character) limitations or time limitations per transmission. The TX-DFM-5V is capable of baud rates up to 19200 bit/s and features fast start-up time of less than 500µs.

  • FM UHF Digital Radio Transmitter
  • SAW controlled stability
  • Ceramic thick film hybrid
  • No external data encoding schemes required
  • No data character Limitations
  • Zero Current with TX Disabled
  • Compatible exclusively with the RX-DFM-5V RF Receiver Module
  • 433.85MHz, 2FSK operation
  • Up to 19200bps data rates
  • Fast startup time: < 500us
  • 5Vdc operation, 15mA transmit, 0mA standby
  • CMOS/TTL compatible TX enable control pin
  • Auxiliary device switching pin to control external devices

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