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AM RF Transceiver Module (AM-RTD-315)

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The AM-RTD-315 AM RF transceiver module operating on 315MHz for simple implementation of a half-duplex two-way radio link featuring fast receive transmit switching and low current operation. The transmitter and receiver sections are LC oscillator based. This transceiver is capable of transferring data at data rates up to 10Kbps making it ideal for wireless remote sensing and control applications and short packet wireless serial data links.

  •  AM (OOK) modulation
  •  Simple integration
  • 5V operation, 1mA in low power mode.
  • 315MHz operation
  •  Ceramic Substrate
  •  Fast RX-TX switching
  •  Up to 10Kbps data rates
  • TX/RX enable/disable pins
  • CMOS/TTL data host compatible
  • DPC-64 data encoder/decoder compatible
  • Compatible with the AM-RT5 transmitter modules and AM-HRR3 receiver modules

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