Ethernet-to-Serial Module (TT-EM100)


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Designing your serial to ethernet interface or serial device server has become history thanks to the EM100 10BaseT ethernet-to-serial module. The EM100 is highly integrated requiring only one external component – an RJ45 Ethernet connector. The EM100 has the lowest power consumption of all Ethernet Modules we offer. Economical pricing makes the EM100 an ideal choice for cost sensitive designs.

  • Adds a 10 baseT port to your serial UART device
  • One serial (TTL) port with full- or half-duplex operation*; baudrates of up to 115200bps; 5 parity modes (none, even, odd, mark, space); 7 or 8 data bits; optional RTS/CTS flow control
  • Fully sealed design
  • Serial Device Server for embedded applications
  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, DHCP network protocols
  • Four LED lines provide Module status information
  • Two internal 510-byte routing buffers
  • Onboard EEPROM stores numerous user-definable functioning parameters (Settings)
  • Module setup can be performed through the serial port or network (over-the-network IP-address configuration is also supported)
  • Internal firmware can be upgraded through the serial port or over the network
  • Supplied with Device Server Toolkit (DST) for Windows, including Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPD) (COM redirector)
  • Very compact (46x28x13 mm)
  • Bult-in Ethernet Magnetics
  • Starter Kit availabe

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