WOOCS 2.1.9

Ground Plane Antenna (GP-BNC)

$59.00$69.00 USD


GP ground plane antenna features weather resistance for outdoor applications, anodized aluminum mounting pole and L bracket mounting assembly, chromium plated brass vertical antenna and four chromium plated brass  ground radials. The omnidirectional antenna component parts including the 1/4 wavelength or y/4 antenna and four ground plane y/4 radials are all threaded for mechanical stability, excellent electrical connectivity and easy assembly. The antenna comes with 6 feet RG58 MIL-C17 50 ohms coaxial cable which is terminated with a BNC type connector. BNC connector end is for connection to the radio transmitter or receiver. The antenna end of the cable is terminated with an F type connector for connection to the antenna. Image shows the assembled GP-433 model (433 MHz). The ground plane antenna ships flat and requires simple assembly that takes only a couple minutes. Suitable for use with our RF remote control receivers and RF remote control transmitters.

  • Ground plane outdoor base station antenna
  • Lightweight
  • Overall dimensions: (W x h) 190 x 460 mm (433 MHz)
  • Overall Dimensions: (W x h) 110 x 255 mm (868 MHz)
  • Gain: 2.1 dBi
  • Extended range over other omni directional y/4 antenna
  • Anodized aluminum mounting pole and wall mounting bracket
  • Chromium plated brass vertical antenna and ground radials
  • Supplied with BNC terminated 50 ohm RG58 MIL-C17 coaxial cable (6 feet)
  • Ships unsassembled
  • Assembles in minutes