WOOCS 2.1.9

PLL FM Transmitter Module (FM9TX)

$30.75 USD

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The FM9TX 900MHz miniature UHF transmitter module enables the implementation of a wireless telemetry link at data rates up to 64Kbit/s when used with the compatible FM9RX 900MHz receiver modules. The transmitter is based on a classical phase lock loop using a crystal reference oscillator. This results in an accurately controlled RF output in the frequency domain. A significant advantage of this is that narrow filtering can then be used in the receiver, which results in high interference immunity. In addition, the module is fitted with an on board voltage regulator which enhances the module’s performance due to better supply filtering as well as ensuring a constant RF output level. The FM9TX module will suit one -to- one and multinode wireless networks in applications including wireless building and auto security, remote wireless industrial process monitoring and wireless computer networking. Because of its small size and low power requirements, this module is ideal for use in portable battery powered wireless applications.

  • Fully EMI/RFI shielded
  • SIL package for vertical or horizontal placement
  • Over-air data rates up to 64kbps
  • Companion to FM9RX RF receiver module
  • Crystal contolled PLL stability
  • 914.5 MHz
  • 5Vdc operation drawing only 7mA
  • Compact package: 31mm x 10mm x 3mm

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