RF Remote Control Decoder (HT-12D)


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The HT12D data decoder decodes the data packet received from the HT12E encoder. It compares its own address configuration with the encoded address received from the HT12E encoder. If the addresses match, then the HT12D outputs outputs a valid transmission signal on its VT pin and latches on its 4 data ouptut pins, the states of the 4 data bits of the HT12E encoder. The four data bits on the HT12E encoder end can be changed “on-the-fly”, therefore up to 16 remote control output functions may be performed when using the HT12E encoder and a transmitter module together with the HT12D decoder and a receiver module.

  • Very simple to integrate
  • Compatible with our RF receiver modules 
  • Robust error checking for high reliability and elimination of false triggers
  • Eight configurable address line provide up to 255 unique address combinations
  • Simple oscillator (decoding data rate) configuration using a single external resistor
  • Companion HT12E encoder or ABACOM’s HAT series encoders

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