Two Channel Data Decoder (D2MB)


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The D2MB is a two channel remote control decoder module, with two monostable and two bistable outputs. The D2MB is very simple to interface to our AM or FM receiver modules to provide a complete solution to building a compact remote control receiver.

Note: On the RF transmitter side, the AM or FM RF transmitter modules require the Motorola (Freescale Semiconductor) MC145026 data encoder for compatibility with the D2MB remote control decoder module.

The monostable and bistable outputs of the D2MB are open collector transistor outputs ideal for switching various types of external loads such as relays. The monostable output time delay is configured by an external RC network.

  • Monostable and Bistable open collector transistor outputs
  • Compatible with the MC145026 transmitter encoder IC
  • Monostable output time delay is custom configured via an external RC network
  • 5VDC to 15VDC operation, 1mA quiescent
  • Up to 50mA load switching

   D2MB data sheet