WOOCS 2.1.9

RS-232 to Ethernet Converter (TT-DS203R)

$125.00$160.00 USD


The DS203 is a serial device server that can be used to quickly network-enable virtually any serial device or system. Compared to the original DS100 converter, the DS203 is smaller, faster, and has a larger memory.

Not only is the DS203 a serial to ethernet device, it is also user programmable in Tibbo BASIC and can function as a powerful programmable industrial controller.

  • Stylish highly compact package
  • 10V-25Vdc operation
  • Optional Wall adapter (order as option below)
  • Optional cable kit: (order as option below)

Qty. 1 Cat. 5 UTP straight through cable,

Qty. 1 Cat. 5 UTP crossover cable,

Qty. 1 RS232 extension cable, DB9 M-F,

Qty. 1 RS232 null modem cable, DB9 F-F

  • One 100BaseT ethernet port
  • One RS232 port
  • RTS, CTS, DTR and DSR can be used as remotely controlled I/O
  • Sis LED’s display status information
  • Extended 12Kbyte internal routing buffers
  • Supports UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP (PING) and DHCP protocols
  • Setup peformed through serial port or over the network
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • User Programmable in Tibbo BASIC
  • Free Tibbo Integrated Development Environment software (TIDE).
  • Free downloadable application software

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