TTL to RS232 Adapter Cable (W232)

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The W232 digital to RS232 adapter cable may be used to interface to the AT-WIZ-903 and WIZ-SML-12V transceiver modules to convert the 5V level digital signals to RS-232 format. The W232 is also a suitable adapter for any other circuits that require 5V digital CMOS/TTL level to RS-232 level translation, such as signal level converting between microcontroller UART port and RS-232 level ports.

The cable assembly has an RS-232 level converter circuit built right into the 9 pin D-SUB connector ‘s shell, and is powered by an external 5VDC supply applied to pins 10 (+5V) and pins 3 or 4 (0V) of the 10pin IDC type connector.

  • Convert your 5V TTL/CMOS data to RS232 level data
  • Convert our RS232 transceivers to 5V TTL/CMOS
  • Electronics built into the 9 pin connector shell
  • RS232 side configured as DCE (ie connects directly to COM port)
  • 10 pin socket (2×5) on TTL/CMOS side
  • 5V operation via 10 pin socket
  • Very useful on the bench, saving repeated design of RS232 interfaces
  • Convert the AT-WIZ-903 transceiver to RS232

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