WOOCS 2.1.9

TTL to RS232 Adapter Cable (W232)

$25.00 USD

Adapter cable for TTL to RS232 level conversion and RS232 to TTL level conversion. Arduino compatible.

The W232 TTL to RS232 adapter cable may be used to interface to the AT-WIZ-7020 and WIZ-SML-12V transceiver modules to convert the TTL level digital signals to RS-232 level. The W232 is a suitable adapter RS232 to TTL for interfacing circuits that require 5V digital CMOS/TTL level to RS-232 level translation, such as signal level converting between microcontroller UART port and RS-232 level ports.

The cable assembly has an RS-232 level converter circuit contained inside the 9 pin D-SUB connector ‘s shell. The adapter cable is powered by 5VDC  applied to pin 10 (+5V) and pin 3 or 4 (0V) of the 10 pin IDC type connector.

  • Convert your 5V TTL/CMOS data to RS232 level data
  • Convert our RS232 transceivers to TTL/CMOS levels
  • Electronics built into the 9 pin connector shell
  • RS232 side configured as DCE (ie connects directly to COM port)
  • 10 pin socket (2×5) on TTL/CMOS side
  • 5V operation via 10 pin socket
  • Very useful on the bench, saving repeated design of RS232 interfaces
  • Convert the AT-WIZ-7020 transceiver to interface to RS232 ports

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