WOOCS 2.1.9

16 Channel Remote Control Receiver (16CHRX)

$105.00$119.50 USD


The 16CHRX remote control is available in AM or FM versions and is companion to the 16CHTX remote control transmitter. It is also suitable for use with our other RF remote control transmitters. The 16CHRX may be DIP switch coded for up to 256 unique address combinations. The outputs interface includes 16 open collector outputs plus 16 logic level outputs. The output channels may be user configured for momentary or latched operation. In momentary configuration, the relevant output will be active for as long as the transmission is being received. In latched mode the relevant output will be active until the next transmission of a different channel is received. The open collector outputs are via a 16×2 header and the logic level outputs are via 16×1 header.

  • AM or FM versions
  • Companion to 16CHTX RF remote control transmitter
  • Compatible with all our RF remote control transmitters
  • Robust protocol with error checking
  • 256 unique address combinations
  • 16x open collector outputs configurable for +5V or +Vsupply
  • 16x 5V logic level outputs
  • User selectable latched output or pulsed output modes
  • 315MHz, 433MHz and 914.5MHz versions
  • 7.5Vdc to 15Vdc operation

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