RF Remote Control Encoder (HT-12E)


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The HT12E encoder features 8 address lines and 4 address/data lines, an output enable pin and an encoded data output pin which streams out the 12 bit encoded data packets. The data packets contain the encoded states of the 8 address lines and 4 address/data line. The oscillator is configured via a single external resistor which determines the data rate.

The HT12E encoder is designed for RF remote control applications and when used together with the HT12D or HT12F companion decoders, a secure and reliable RF remote control link can be easily designed with any of our FM or AM transmitter and receiver modules.

  • Very simple to integrate
  • Interfaces to any of ABACOM’s RF transmitter modules
  • Used for secure single or multiple channel RF remote control link
  • Simple oscillator (data rate) configuration using a single external resistor
  • Companion to the HT12D, HT12F, and ABACOM’s HAT series decoders

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