WOOCS 2.1.9

*90µA* Low Power RF Control Switch (RF-LPS)

$55.00 USD

Low power, 3V battery operated RF remote controlled receiver switch. Compatible with our TX12E-2C-LPS and 2CH-REML RF remote control transmitters.

The RF-LPS receiver is an ultra low power receiver switch that operates continuously for 18 months off two internal 3V lithium coin cells (mounted on the underside of the PCB). The receiver is compatible with the 2CH-REML handheld remote transmitter or the TX12E-2C keyfob transmitter. The RF-LPS has a 3-12Vdc input and output. The input of the RF-LPS may be connected to an external device’s battery and the output may be connected to the external device. The RF-LPS acts as a remote controlled battery supply switch that switches the power to an external device, on demand. The RF-LPS is a popular wireless solution for external device battery saving.

  • Low power RF remote control switch
  • Draws only 90 microamps !!
  • Powered for 18 months off two 3V lithium cells
  • Ideal for conserving battery of remote battery powered devices such as wireless video camera
  • Convert continuous battery powered device to battery power on demand device
  • Simple to connect with power-patch-through interface
  • Power-patch -through has DC socket input and DC plug output (standard 2.1mm barrel type)
  • Compatible with our 2CH-REML and TXT12E-2C remote control transmitters
  • Includes 4 bit expansion port for customized applications
  • 433MHz, AM operation
  • See data sheet for typical application

Data Sheet